Who We Are

Welcome to Bright Path Academy of Georgia. Located in Alpharetta, Georgia, Bright Path is a nonprofit school for students with special needs. Specifically, we work with children who have learning, behavioral, or communication difficulties, such as those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

A Specifically-Designed, Holistic Approach

Taking a holistic approach to education, Bright Path Academy of Georgia uses both traditional curriculum subjects and innovative resources to help each child flourish, learn, and grow.

Highly qualified teachers and therapists, small class sizes, and flexible extracurriculars that encourage interdisciplinary learning ensure that we provide personalized instruction to help students grow and develop their unique strengths.

The Problems Too Many Face

Special Learning Needs
Most children with autism and sensory processing disorders cannot function under the structure of a typical school system, even in classrooms dedicated to children with autism. Traditional educational systems simply do not have the resources and expertise to address the unique sensory and communication needs of individuals on the autism spectrum.

With the wide variety of communication and learning differences, it can be difficult or impossible for a child with special needs to receive a quality education within the standardized curriculum required by the public school system.

The 7 Senses
In addition to the commonly recognized five senses

  • taste,
  • touch,
  • hearing,
  • sight, and
  • smell,

a person on the autism spectrum may also overreact or underreact to two additional senses known as

  • the vestibular, and
  • the proprioceptive senses.

These senses impact balance, motor skills, and body awareness.

Falling Through the Cracks
Unfortunately, the current public school system is not meeting the needs of many students on the autism spectrum, some of which includes Asperger’s, ADD, and dyslexia. Those who are not considered “high functioning” are at even greater risk for falling through the cracks.

The public system lacks funding and resources and has few trained teachers, resulting in larger classroom sizes. Additionally, the demand is to teach the common core curriculum, with instructions to teach every child the same thing in the same way. The tragic result is that the system is failing those with autism who typically have multiple diagnoses and require different strategies to learn.

The Solution: Bright Path Learning

  • Bright Path students may use communication devices or letter boards to communicate.
  • Bright Path children whose needs encompass sensory or communication issues receive highly specialized and individualized assistance.
  • At Bright Path, we cater student learning specifically to individual needs rather than to their diagnosis.
  • Bright Path Academy of Georgia is an ideal option for parents who want the absolute best education and therapeutic support for their child.