Our History

We’re honored to tell you a little about how and why Bright Path began.

A Natural Organizer

Nina V. King has been an enthusiastic educator, speaker, and student advocate since the early 2000s. Throughout her career, she found herself taking on more and more responsibilities, which included, among other things, organizing field trips, overnight excursions, and day camps; counseling with students and parents; and creating curriculum, courses, and behavior modification plans.

Unique Challenges

Ms. King recognizes the difficulties many educational organizations face when seeking to educate students with special needs such as those on the autism spectrum and ADHD, or students who are nonverbal or who struggle with dyslexia and other challenges.

Bright Path for a Bright Future

Ms. King knows that even with such challenges, there is still much hope for a very bright future for all children, regardless of their learning style.

Her love for children with special needs combined with her education, organizational skills, and innate ability to beautifully communicate with and understand the needs of her students and their parents, led to the creation of Bright Path Academy of Georgia.