Extracurricular Activities

There’s a lot more to education than just academics. At Bright Path Academy of Georgia, we focus on a whole-child approach to learning by providing opportunities for our students to apply their skills in extracurricular, hands-on activities such as after-school clubs and programming, summer camps, and weekend activities. 

After-School Clubs

We offer our students many options to get involved outside the classroom.

  • Girl Talk
  • Social/Life Skills
  • Gaming Club (board games, etc.)
  • Tutoring/Homework Hour
  • Outdoor Club
  • Service Hours Club
  • World Cultures Club
  • And More!

Weekend Activities

The learning and fun doesn’t have to stop just because it’s the weekend! These are just a few of our weekend day or morning trip activities that we take to various parts of Georgia and downtown Atlanta.

  • Visiting museums
  • Trips to parks
  • Experience restaurants

Day Camp

Exciting plans for day camp activities are still in the works. We’re confident camp will be something BPA students will love being involved in.